Saturday, February 02, 2019

Memory hole

You might remember a few months back, when the Democrats were determined to sink Brett Kavanaugh, that his high school yearbook was given a level of analysis befitting a doctoral candidate studying Finnegan's Wake. You don't need to get all that meta to understand Ralph Northam's medical school yearbook:

Nice hood
This was 1984. I remember 1984. I was editor of my college newspaper that year. I did not publish any blackface photos, although I don't remember a whole lot of blackface happening at my school. 1984 was also, of course, the title of Orwell's classic novel, which included the idea of memory holes. I bet Northam wishes he could put this in the memory hole, but it's too late now.

He's going to get the Al Franken treatment. There will be no toughing this one out. And given Northam's campaign went to great lengths to portray his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie, as a racist, Northam deserves it.


Gino said...

i was a junior collage drop-out in 84.
my 'crew' and myself were a more-obnoxious-than-acceptable bunch, but NONE of us would have posed with a hood, or blackface... though we may have wanted to, just for shits and giggles. we were all about shits and giggles, after all... maybe we werent obnoxious enough, but it would be hard to find a crew that could match us on most days.

that said...
we were a working class crew, from blue collar fathers... and we were usually working some kind of muscle and sweat type of job to pay our way around. I do think, and still believe, that the 'real' college types were not grounded in the Real World way of experiences.
I already knew some things about getting along/staying just safe enough... through 'street' life that those who never saw the street were capable of. I worked. therefore, i was also exposed/worked with others who didnt look like me... and we had conversations along the way...
College kids were sheltered.
they didnt know any better.

in a normal world, i might give this guy a pass, because, in truth, he was stupid. He wasn't like me.

this is not a normal world...
Crucify this liberal son of a bitch, caste him into hell... because thats what he would do to me if it would further his carreer.

Fuck him, without lube, unto death.
I want him destroyed as a human being.
I want his privilaged children destroyed for ever...
They are the deplorable seeds of a deplorable flower.
destroy them.

Brad Carlson said...

Look at that smirk on Northam's face though!!!

Bike Bubba said...

Yes, certainly the editor got that picture of the Vette without Northam providing it, too.....not buying it, Northam provided all of those pictures, and shame on the yearbook editor for not saying "dumb move at the Halloween party, even dumber now, Ralph."

R.A. Crankbait said...

The yearbook editor was clearly a Russian plant.