Saturday, August 10, 2019

The headline we all expected

We also would have accepted "Arkancide"
As inevitable as the dawn:
Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide early Saturday in his Lower Manhattan prison cell, three law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Epstein hanged himself, law enforcement sources said. He was transported in cardiac arrest at 6:39 a.m. from Metropolitan Correctional Center to New York Downtown Hospital, according to sources.
We got a sneak preview of some of Epstein's clientele yesterday:
On Friday, a federal appellate court in New York unsealed around 2,000 pages of documents from a now-settled civil defamation case between Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an alleged Epstein victim, and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime Epstein associate.

Giuffre accused Maxwell of recruiting her while she was working as a locker-room attendant at Mar-A-Lago in 2000 and bringing her to Epstein's home for a massage. She claims that she eventually became a teen sex slave to Epstein, and a victim of sex trafficking, beginning at age 17, at the hands of both Epstein and Maxwell.

The newly-unsealed documents showed that Giuffre alleged that Epstein and Maxwell directed her to have sex with, among others: Prince Andrew; criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz; former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson; former Senator George Mitchell; a well-known prime minster, who she wouldn't name; and a foreign man who was introduced to her as a "prince."
Dershowitz has denied everything, in forceful terms. Mitchell and Richardson deny the allegations in the linked article from ABC. It's likely coincidental that Richardson and Mitchell's political party isn't mentioned in the article, because why would that matter, right?

The rumors that have long simmered, and that matter most of all, concern Bill Clinton, famous for his horndoggery and credibly accused of untoward behavior by many other women.

It will be interesting to see if the prosecutors decide to redouble their efforts against Maxwell in order to get the story out. Had Epstein been Scott Walker, it all would just mysteriously leak out to the press. But he wasn't, so the story may end here. We'll see.


Gino said...

the Clintons dodge another... i blame Russia... and White Nationalism.

Petercorp said...

A member of the British Royal Family? Wow, it just shows that they're all bad. Too much power or money. They really don't know how the rest live. I blame the French, all of the aliens in Area 51 waiting for freedom during the raid next month, and George Lucas.

Mr. D said...

I blame the French, all of the aliens in Area 51 waiting for freedom during the raid next month, and George Lucas.

Seems like a good first round of usual suspects.

R.A. Crankbait said...

It is to laugh, but darkly. Here's what I take from the situation:

Based on what Epstein was facing (the stripping away of his rich, entitled life), suicide is not out of the question. Given the Clinton record, however, the memes practically write themselves (and many of these did as soon as Epstein was incarcerated). If "some people did something" to off Epstein, those behind it would have to know what conclusions were going to be leapt to, and with both feet. And in a way, the dark humor of it almost acts as insulation. "Oh, those wacky, whacking Clintons!" Here's the bottom line, though: if Epstein was killed, those behind it (and there are plenty of the powerful at risk of being exposed) knew it would look really bad; their reasoning was that as bad as it looked, it couldn't look nearly as bad as if truth came out.