Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Soldiers murdered; better check those president approval numbers!

If you want to understand what's wrong with the mainstream media in this country, consider most of the commentary this morning. Word came from Iraq that the two soldiers who had been kidnapped by insurgents over the weekend were tortured and murdered, and that their bodies were discovered today. Some reports indicated that Abu al-Bloodthirsty Moron, or whoever the new leader of Al Qaida in Iraq is, personally "butchered" the soldiers. The concern of the reporters and pundits? How will this affect the president's "approval numbers."

Sheesh. George W. Bush will not face the voters again. His approval rating could be -40 gazillion percent, but he would still be president until his replacement is sworn in. That date, by the way, is January 20, 2009. Not 2007, nor 2008, but 2009, people. It is absurd how much time and effort the media seems to spend on polling. The only polls that will matter in 2006 will take place in November. God bless the soldiers and never mind the bollocks.

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Anonymous said...

Luap says, I am sure Maureen Dowd had something - no, somewhat - no, barely - no, not worth our time - to say about the President's approval rating.