Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tick Tock

The clock is ticking. As we complete yet another largely fruitless week of job searching, I am growing increasingly concerned. So far, I've been able to conclude a few things:

I have a lot of talent. Everyone tells me that.
My credentials are impressive.
I've really done a lot of neat things.
I interview well - have heard that several times now.
People mostly like everything about me. I'm a regular Stuart Smalley that way.
I'm on the outside looking in.

So what gives? The last sentence is a classic example of a non-sequitur, since it does not follow that if I am a talented, well credentialed individual who is well liked, it doesn't make sense that corporate America would be turning me away. But that's what's happening.

The inner voice, or maybe my superego (to use a discredited Freudian concept) says... buck up, soldier - it's not as bad as all that. And I know it. I've written in this space in recent days about people I greatly admire who are facing something far worse than financial stress. It could be worse. But bad is still, by definition, bad. Thank you for indulging me on this one. Now back to the news....

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Buddum said...

Hang tough and keep the faith, my friend! I have been there and I know the struggle gets old - REALLY fast! I am always thinking of you and the other alumni!