Thursday, June 15, 2006

Whatever Budum wants, Budum gets

Response is in from my Twins post yesterday and faithful reader Budum asks that we discuss an "additional J"; i.e., Johan Santana. Okay, why not. Let's say that Santana has been nothing short of masterful this season and that his performance against Boston on Tuesday was one of his greatest ever. Striking out 13 Red Sox is quite an accomplishment, as they remain one of the best hitting teams around. And Mr. Santana has already recorded 1,000 strikeouts in his career, which is pretty astonishing when you consider that he didn't officially join the Twins starting rotation until 2003. He is indeed a huge part of the Twins future, as our transplanted Harvest Sprite pal suggests. So, herewith a tip of the Dilettante cap to Johan Santana. Now back to our regular programming.

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Anonymous said...

Budum says, "That is what I am talking about - the J-Hawks are talking over B-ball!!!"