Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part Eighteen - Republican Despair Edition

UPDATE: Our friend Leo has also added a few other tunes in the comments section if the choices here don't float your boat. Thanks, good sir!

So the Republicans lost a special election down in Mississippi last night, which has led to a lot of sackcloth and ashes on the starboard side and glee on the port side. It would appear that there's no reason to even have an election and we should simply concede power to the mighty Democrats and our next president Barack Obama, who conclusively demonstrated his inevitability yesterday in West Virginia.

Well, Mr. Dilettante is always ready to be the on-deck deejay for the Titanic dance party. So in honor of our inevitable, impending doom, here's a selection of happy songs to brighten the mood of Republicans everywhere. Pick your favorite from among the following:

First, the pride of Rockford, Illinois gives Republicans some good advice. From Budokan, it's Cheap Trick, with:


Next, it's native son Robert Zimmerman explaining it all to the despairing masses, with:

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Next, resplendent in a sequined red velvet dinner jacket designed to assuage despairing red state partisans, Marvin Gaye gently suggests a potential strategy for Republicans in the fall, with:

Got to Give It Up

Finally, daring young modern Beck provides the anthem that will lead the GOP to victory in '08, including extensive footage of the recommended Republican transportation option, with:


Vote early and vote often - it works for the Democrats!


Leo Pusateri said...

Perhaps the Little River Band could be of some assistance.

Lonesome Loser.

Leo Pusateri said...

Not to mention the ever-present Beatles.

I'm a Loser!"

Leo Pusateri said...

And while the Fab Four are at it,

I'm Down.

Mark Heuring said...

So many options, Leo, so many options.

Uncle Ben said...

Egads! Am I supposed to be depressed? I'll get right on that! In the meantime, you've got some fine options for this contest and I'm reticent to pick just one. But I'll go ahead and show some generational loyalty and hang my tchad for Beck.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all good songs and not a guilty pleasure among them. But Surrender has got to be one of the finest examples of Power Pop ever made.


Anonymous said...

All By Myself by Eric Carmen, "Black Cow" by Steely Dan, and perhaps by Favorite "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty. That one may be a little more from the Democrats perspective but the point's the same.

History is filled with contests where one contender appeared to have an insurmountable lead, only to be toppled in the end. "It aint over till it's over."

Daria said...

Keep in mind that the on-deck musicians on the Titanic went down with the ship (at least in the Hollywood version)...

I'm having as much trouble voting for one of your choices as I will have pulling the lever for McCain and respectfully submit this performance by Ted Nugent as a write-in.

- D

thenightwriterblog said...

I'll have to review the video links from my home computer, but for now I'd suggest that the appropriate Cheap Trick song is "I Want You To Want Me."

Night Writer said...

Oh, and Uncle Ben - get back to the books!

(Happy Birthday, btw).

Right Fielder said...

I agree with Daria. Uncle Ted's attitude is the one we should adopt.

Mark Heuring said...

Well, Daria, that's certainly another way to look at it. This is why we value the Nuge - screamin' guitar and plain speaking (and it doesn't get any plainer than that).


Right Hook said...

Ted's performance certainly brightened my mood! Put me down for another write-in for Ted.