Saturday, May 10, 2008

57 States!

Obama was tired the other day when he gave a speech in Beaverton, Oregon and said that the U.S. has 57 states. I know he doesn't think that. Had McCain said it, it would be a bigger story, which of course is part of the problem. But we'll leave that aside.

This is funny, though - one of the great things about America is that there's always a chance for entrepreneurial wiseguys to have a little fun with it. If Obama gets one of these pins and wears it on his lapel, given his much-discussed disdain for wearing flag pins, I would definitely give him the nod. Make sure you click the link -- the angry responses from Obama fans in the comments section are just a hoot.
Update: Then again, maybe we shouldn't cut Sen. Obama any slack. Leo explains why.

(H/T: LAT via Instapundit)


Right Hook said...

I hope he doesn't think that, but then again, who knows what was taught at the madrasa he attended as a youngster...

Daria said...

The media double standard is alive and well.

I wonder if he can spell "potato"?

- D

Right Hook said...

...or maybe it was a freudian slip.

Uncle Rush made the point today that there really are 57 Islamic states.

If the liberal media identified a similar "coincidence" applicable to a Conservative's mis-speak would they give him/her the benefit of the doubt?

Mr. D said...

Hmmm. So he's been to Mauritania but not Alaska, eh?