Sunday, July 06, 2008

Milwaukee Gets C.C. Sabathia?

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the deal is done. ESPN is confirming this as well. Sabathia may turn out to be a rent-a-player, but he'll certainly make a difference in the pennant race. Personally I think the Brewers need a stopper in the bullpen (maybe this guy) more than another starter, but Sabathia should fit quite nicely in the Brewers rotation. And it certainly won't hurt the red-hot Twins to see Sabathia go away.

The guy Sabathia has always reminded me of is an old Pirate pitcher of the 1970s named John Candelaria. Candelaria, like Sabathia, was a tall lefty with good stuff who probably could have been better than he was. It's worth remembering that the Candy Man was a key contributor to the 1979 Pirate staff that won the World Series. One thing - it's nice to see the Brewers actually being a buyer in a pennant race for a change - it seems like the last time they were in this position was when they picked up Don Sutton in 1982.


Brad Carlson said...

Great pick up!! With Ben Sheets and Sabathia, I can't think of a better 1-2 punch of a five-man rotation. Alas, the Brewers bullpen is mediocre and they still aren't a good defensive club, which will keep them from the Fall Classic for the 26th consecutive season. They are certainly good enough for a wildcard birth in the NL, however!

NIght Writer said...

If there's a bigger slob in the major leagues today than C.C., I don't know who it is. Perhaps the Brewers are harkening back to the glory and sloppy days of Gorman Thomas and Mike Caldwell?

Mark Heuring said...

Excellent point, NW. Between CC and Prince Fielder, the Brew Crew definitely has the market cornered on guys who look like they should be in the beer league.

And as slob-like as Gorman and Caldwell were, Pete Vukovich was even worse.

Mike said...

Brad, I may be a bit myopic here, but I think this positions the Brewers well for a run at the Series. Also, keep in mind that GM Doug Melvin is likely not done yet. I think he makes a move to bolster the bullpen (Mark's recommendation is a good one). Oh, and the Brew Crew is not as bad defensively as they used to be (getting Braun to left helps). The time is now for the Brewers, the NL is ripe for the taking. This includes the NL Central. The Cubs haven't played one game in Miller Park yet. Oh, the Brewers are 4-2 against them. The Cubs can be beaten.

Night Writer said...

Vukovich! And let's not forget the "svelte" Rob Deer, who's only resemblance to his namesake was that he looked like roadkill when he tried to slide into home.

I thought Fielder still looked reasonably athletic his first couple of years, but when I saw him against the Twins the other day I couldn't believe his girth and the bagginess of his baseball pants.