Thursday, July 31, 2008

Open Question to my Democratic Pals

Here's the current state of play in the debate over drilling in the Senate. Enjoy the tennis match between Sens. McConnell (R-Ky.) and Salazar (D-Colo.).

So tell me, portsider friends - how will this play? Discuss. Oh, and my conservative colleagues can play, too.
(H/T: Captain Ed)

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Right Hook said...

An excellent question!

It probably literally won't play in the mainstream media as they will continue to go out of their way to give these clowns cover. They voter that needs to be educated generally doesn't watch C-Span and view the political landscape however Obama sound-bites and DFL Don present it to them.

It's clear that the democrats/liberals/socialists do not want a free market based solution to high gas prices as it takes them out of the control/influence/power loop.

Liberals play the same game with education. They claim it is "underfunded" and when called on to propose a hard dollar amount that would be "adequate" they claim it is "very difficult or impossible" to do so. Yet they have no trouble declaring the current funding is inadequate, regardless how much it has increased. I always bring this up with DFL door knockers and they always duck the question.