Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Script Writes Itself

(photo Maury Gash, AP)

Well, the great CC (No Periods) Sabathia experiment started out well enough last night as the Brewers beat the Colorado Rockies 7-3. Sabathia was a little wild but he pitched well enough to win. If he can give up 3 runs a game, figure that he'll win at least a dozen of the 18 or so starts he'll have during the rest of the season. That's pretty good.

Since Sabathia is here, that means it's time for Ben Sheets to blow out something again. Maybe for something different, he'll have one of these. Or maybe he'll go old school and get this. Or maybe this. Place your bets in the comments section.


Brad Carlson said...

Perhaps Sheets will pull a "John Smoltz" by burning himself while ironing a shirt he's wearing.

Mark Heuring said...

That's a winner, Brad. I could see that.