Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Thoroughgoing (And Deserved) Fisking

Right Hook has taken Kate Knuth's latest self-serving pronouncements down in grand style over at Boots On. Anyone who lives in 50B should read this, but I want to call particular attention to one particularly risible claim Knuth makes that RH called out (emphasis his):

Balanced the state budget without raising taxes. [WTF???? I apologize to our "family oriented" readers, but sometimes there is only one expression that does such a brazen lie justice! I guess all of the taxes the DFL did raise, including the gasoline tax at a time of $4/gallon gas had nothing to do with the final "balanced" budget.]

WTF indeed. For Kate Knuth to claim that the legislature balanced the state budget without raising taxes is transparently dishonest. I know that she didn't learn how to talk like that when she was involved in Scouting. I'm paying every day, as is every person who drives an evil automobile in Minnesota. There's a lot more and RH has it all. Go punch that link, or punch this one. It's worth linking twice.

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Right Hook said...

Thanks for the spotlight Mark.

What is it about pictures of Kate in uniform that seem to say a lot more than mere words can express?