Friday, July 25, 2008

When You're a Jet, You're a Jet All the Way

Okay, after a one-week moratorium in re: Brett Favre, we may have some news to ponder. Brett's bobo Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Jets have received permission to talk to Favre. The scenario that is being floated is that Favre will report to Packers camp and then the Packers will trade him to the Jets for a draft pick or maybe some of Eric Mangini's pocket lint or something.

That would be just about perfect. It would get Favre out of the NFC and send him to a place where (a) there's almost no chance he could bite the Packers in the butt and (b) he would learn how good he's really had it in Green Bay all these years. Wait'll the Daily News, Post and Newsday get a hold of this guy. I can already see the headlines now:

Flustered Favre Fails Again

Do Us a Favre and Retire, Already

Come Back, Chad Pennington -- All Is Forgiven

Jets Fans Nix Hix From Stix (sorry, that would be from Variety)

QB Gave Better Performance in "There's Something About Mary"

Headless Quarterback in Topless Bar

If this plays out, all I have to say is have fun in New York, Brett. And look on the bright side - at least this guy won't be around to torment you.

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Gino said...

my buddy is jets fan.
he might be happy about this.