Friday, July 11, 2008

You Supply the Prose Poems, I'll Supply the War

Chris Mortenson is quickly becoming the William Randolph Hearst of the NFL. After a week worth of jawing and leaks and whatnot, now we hear from ol' Mort that Brett Favre wants his release so he can play for some other team. Various fans in Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore and Long Island are almost tingly with excitement.

I am a Packer fan first. Always have been. Brett Favre has been the public face of the team for nearly two decades now and is now the Greatest Packer of Them All. More than Starr, or Hornung, or even Hutson. He's right up there with Lambeau and Lombardi. We all love you, Brett. Swear to God.

IF (and it's still IF) the reports are true, Brett Favre has let his own ego get in the way. There is no way he can go someplace else, learn a new system, get himself into football shape and be anything other than even a shadow of what he was last year, to say nothing of what he was back in the 1990s. The more likely scenario -- the Packers won't give him his release and he'll either have to come back to Green Bay all surly, or they'll put him back on the roster and then trade him to someplace like Oakland, where the greatest Iron Man in NFL history will get his tuchus kicked and probably will end up getting carted off the field. I hope the Packers do put Favre back on the roster and force his hand. If Brett Favre is truly throwing this tantrum, he deserves to go the woodshed. And the proprietor of the woodshed is Ted Thompson.

The picture I've posted here is of another elderly quarterback who hung around too long. The fellow in the Chargers uniform is Johnny Unitas, still considered the greatest quarterback of all. It ended very badly in San Diego, where he ended up losing games and getting beat up in the service of a very bad team that had a serious drug problem. Some 35 years later, Brett Favre may have the same fate. It's a shame, really.


Strolling Amok said...

Ewwww. Johnny Unitas in a Chargers uniform. My eyes hurt.

Brad Carlson said...

more likely scenario -- the Packers won't give him his release and he'll either have to come back to Green Bay all surly...

Well, that seems to be the route they're taking.

Teaparty said...

As a Vikings fan, I would like nothing more than to see Brett Favre in Miami. Or perhaps with Kansas City or the Jets.

This whole sordid episode should be personally embarrassing to Favre. Up at the Wal-Mart in St. Croix Falls Wisc. last March they had a special table set up where Favre-worshipping Curds could purchase SI's special Favre retirement edition, complete with tears. "Only two per customer" I believe the sign said.

It turns out he is as much a sideshow as everybody else. Well, at least the hero worship will finally end...I hope.

Mark Heuring said...

Sorry, SA. But we can't hide ugliness from the world.

Brad, that is the scenario. And it's the right one. Personally, I think the Vikings need to decide whether Tarvaris Jackson can play or not. Bringing Favre in here would probably be the end of Jackson's career, at least in Minnesota.

Teaparty, I agree. As big a fan of the Packers as I am, the hero worship thing has always been absurd. And thanks for stopping by!