Saturday, January 24, 2009


A few changes to the blogroll, some quite overdue:

Unfortunately, the Northern Alliance Wannabe has decided to hang up his excellent blog, but he has a new enterprise going, A Voice for the Unborn, the title of which is pretty much self-explanatory. Many of us are friends with the blogger in question and we are glad he's back in the fray with this valuable and timely new venture.

Our friend Right Hook, while continuing to contribute to the invaluable Boots On, has now hung out his own shingle at the New Brighton Conservative Bunker. There will be some cross-posting of material at Boots On, but having his own place will free RH to cover even more topics. This is an unalloyed Good Thing.

A lot of us were sad when the most excellent Yucky Salad with Bones disappeared last year. Blogging gets in your blood, though, and Bill and Katie are back with Doesn't Anybody Knock? And they've brought friends. Their new venture is a free-wheeling group blog, full of their trademark humor and free of groupthink.

Speaking of happy returns, the Appletonian has returned to the fray, after shutting his site down for a time. Between the Appletonian and Blogger Beer, the Valley is very well covered.

I've also added the new Breitbart venture Big Hollywood. Besides providing a valuable, gimlet-eyed take on Left Coast doings, he's also given comedy genius Iowahawk yet another perch. It is my considered opinion that Iowahawk will someday take over sole ownership of the Internet.

Check 'em out!


A Voice said...

Thanks for the nod, Mark.

Your flattery won't stop me from trash-talking the Brewers, though!


Marcus Aurelius said...

Don't forget Jo Egelhoff's excellent Fox Politics! Thanks for the callout!

Mark Heuring said...


My pleasure. And I'd be disappointed if you didn't trash-talk the Brew Crew.


Good point on Fox Politics - worth checking out, too! Glad that all of you are there to keep the folks back home honest.