Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only slightly more lopsided than the Gopher/Iowa game

Rod Blagojevich is gone. The vote was 59-0. And for good measure, the Illinois Senate also voted 59-0 to bar Blago from ever holding public office in Illinois again. No word on whether or not he is barred from appearing on Top Chef or American Idol; he likely has a standing invitation for the Biggest Loser, though.

Don't think this is over, though. Patrick Fitzgerald will be bringing Blago to justice soon. But he might want to hear what Blago has to say. There's a pretty good chance that Blago knows some things that might make some of the swells who sat in judgment of him today just a little bit nervous.

Even though Blagojevich namechecked Rahm Emanuel, I don't suspect that Fitzgerald will have much interest in pursuing the Machine pols who have decamped to Washington. Instead, I suspect the scalp he wants is this guy.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are right about Da' Mayor, but Fitz is gonna have a hell of a time catching him. Daley isn't nearly as dumb as he looks or sounds, and has built a firewall around himself that may be impenetrable. When they got to Sorich (Daley's patronage chief and close personal friend), but not him, I think they blew any chance of ever tripping up the mayor. Daley doesn't conduct business on the phone, and every command he gives goes through two guys. It's like trying to get a crime boss who is clean 90% of the time.

Mark Heuring said...

I agree, Fitz is going to have a hell of a time catching him. But there's no such thing as an impenetrable firewall. Ask the French.