Friday, July 15, 2011

The Big Payback

There's limited utility in reading comments on the internet (except here, where all our commenters are erudite and regularly offer genius level insights on the passsing scene). As I read the various accounts of the apparent resolution to the government shutdown here in Minnesota, it became evident that many of our moral tutors on the Left are convinced that the voters are going to punish the Republicans at the polls in 2012 for refusing to accept whatever the hell it was that Mark Dayton was offering, other than tax increases.

Do you believe that? I don't. We are now 16 months away from November 2012. At a comparable point four years ago, most people had no idea that the economy would go into a gigantic tailspin and it was certain that John McCain's presidential campaign was doomed. Well, the second part turned out to be true. I'd be willing to wager that the economy will be the issue in 2012, but it's going to be difficult to pin everything that's gone wrong in the last 3+ years on the Republicans.

Do you think the Republicans are going to get hammered in 2012? Or is it more likely that the Democrats will suffer the wrath of the electorate, starting with Barack Obama? Now remember, you're the most erudite commenters on the World Wide Web. Make us proud.


Night Writer said...

The word I heard from some folks reasonably in the know was that Dayton's trip around the state was not having the rallying affect he and his handlers were expecting. Small turn-outs and the loyalists were not happy or bashful about letting him know how they felt.

I think the plan was to hold the shutdown out as a nuclear option, promising the Republicans that they'd be vilified by the media and public for their uppity intransigence and the natural order would be restored. Well, the Gov went nuke, the media did it's part -- and the public said, "are you kidding me?" I also think this debacle removes a Shutdown from the playing field for at least the next two bienniums.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I'll start my erudity with this: there is a distinction to be made between Minnesota and America. Minnesotans will do things like vote for Walter Mondale when the 56other states went for Reagan. MNs voted for Dayton, Franken and Ventura. As such, I still think it is entirely possible that the GOP will get punished in 2012, not because it's logical, but because too many Minnesotans aren't.

At the national level, the Democrats are screwed. They might create a lot of noise, but the simple fact is that the economy has been a disaster under Obama. Everybody knows it. He might not want to accept responsibility, but it is going to be assigned to him.

I don't expect the rest of the national level to be as good as 2010, but I still think that it will result in GOP control starting in 2013.

Then the question becomes, how much will the old guard try to assert itself against the Tea Party? If it does so, then I think we'll be looking at a third party. If the Tea Party comes out on top, then we'll have wailing and lamentation from the press, threatened suicide from lefty bloggers, economic pain aplenty as the markets adjust to reality and as we cut the budget. And then we'll have an economic boom. And then it will be morning in America.

Long story short: beat the democrats first, then beat the old guard GOP. Both need to be vanquished if we want to acheive unequivocal prosperity again.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Picklesworth. I think the Dems are beating the same old drums and the public is starting to recognize the tunes. The problem is that they can't change the playlist because they are beholden to their special interest groups. I could be wrong but I can't help but feel that Class Envy mantra coming from the lips of a spoiled multi-millionaire is going to be a tough sell to the general masses.

Gino said...

the GOP is not likely to get hammered in 2012.

but all you GOPers need to keep one thing in mind: you thought you had clinton all but tagged and field dressed in 96, til you overplayed your hand and were lucky if find your own asses when it was all over. i remember, i was there and shell shocked right along with you.

Obama aint done, he's got the advantages of incumbancy, the ability to set the agenda, and he's still got the whole mainstream press to carry his water... also, dont think the messiah will be losing any of his main groups. there will still be 110% voter turnout in key cities. maybe even 120%.

keep in mind: there is no logical reason for this man to have ascended to the presidency. forces large and unexplainable to common sense made it happen, and can also keep him there.

and dont forget the GOP tendency to form circular firing squads, or go all 'lord of the flies' on itself.