Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, yeah

In regard to government workers, for whom I expressed "a modicum of sympathy" yesterday, our friend Gino says:

hold on a minute...

the unions have put these people into power and driven states to this economic brink, in no small part due to the bennies the unions demanded in exchange for their votes.

its no too much a stretch to say they've shat their own bed, and now they can lay in it.
And that's true, of course.

I think you can decry the abuses of the public sector, while at the same understanding that most people who work for the government are honorable. The unions that represent government workers are quite often less than honorable, which is where things get sticky. Someone quite near and dear to me is a member of ASFCME, mostly because she has to be. I would wager that her local spends a lot more time and resources on politics than on representing its members in the workplace.

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