Friday, July 29, 2011

More Football

They are playing political football in Washington these days and it's not all that interesting, really. The "crisis" over the debt ceiling is likely overblown and really only has meaning in that it's becoming apparent that there are too many people associated with government who just don't give a damn what happens, because they'd rather win elections than solve problems.

NFL news is more interesting right now. So we'll get to that instead.
  • We talked about Donovan McNabb coming to Minnesota the other day, but the other news concerning the locals is the departure of Sidney Rice, who decided he'd rather make money in Seattle than stay here. I'm not convinced that losing Rice is that big a deal for the Vikings. He had a great season in 2009 but he's had trouble staying on the field in the other years he was here. I suspect the Vikings can find more cost-effective options someplace else. I'd be looking at Braylon Edwards, although there's another possibility, about which more in a moment.
  • I'm not sure if Bill Belichick is a genius or simply has started to believe his own press clippings, but his moves yesterday were certainly worth a raised eyebrow. Chad Ochocinco is an irritant at times, but ultimately he's pretty harmless and has the talent to help the team. Picking up Albert Haynesworth is a different matter. The key for the Pats is that they didn't give up much to get Haynesworth, but from what I can tell the big defensive lineman is the sort of guy who can tear a team apart. I wouldn't hire him under any circumstances.
  • As a Packer fan, I'd like to thank the Chicago Bears for jettisoning Greg Olsen. Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz doesn't like tight ends and that entered into the decision, apparently. I always thought Olsen was the most dangerous guy on the Bears offense. No matter how many ways Martz draws things up, it's going to be easier to defend the Bears now that Olsen is gone.
  • As usual, my beloved Packers aren't doing much. The majority of the speculation seems to surround the fate of wide receiver James Jones, a talented guy who has been a key contributor at times for the Packers in recent years, but who also has a habit of dropping passes on really big plays. It's possible that he might end up staying in Green Bay, which Aaron Rodgers would like, or he could easily end up playing for either the Bears or the Vikings. The Packers have always seemed to have a talented receiver who couldn't quite get it together over the years -- three earlier examples of this were Derrick Mayes, Bill Schroeder and Robert Ferguson. All those guys ended up going someplace else and none of them were factors for their new teams. I don't know if Jones would end up the same way, but I suspect that Jones has a better chance of success if he stays in Green Bay. I'm not sure the Packers really want him, though. If rookie Randall Cobb comes through, they may not need him. 


Brad Carlson said...

The Bears just got WR Roy Williams, who was a Pro Bowler when he and Martz were together in Detroit. That might turn out to be a pretty good move for them.

The deal Haynesworth signed with the Pats has ZERO guaranteed money. So if Belichick & Co. don't like how things are working out in the preseason, they can jettison Haynesworth while having sacrificed only a 5th round draft choice. Given the way the Pats hoard draft picks, that's a minimal loss.

Gino said...

i think this 'martz thing' is going to backfire on the bears. martz is so great, yeah???

how many super bowls has he won?

that, and IF he does bring the trophy to chicago, he'll be gone the following year to another team as HC.
and what does that leave the bears with? a scheme that nobody knows how to use, and a team that cant do it.

i'll miss olsen, but he wasnt that great. he was an above average TE, good at recieving but a poor to average blocker.
his stats had more to do with a lack of recievers to go to. i wish he had the speed to be a WR himself. with his height and hands, he would have been awesome.

the bears are not a worse off team without him, IF he is replaced with somebody who can block for Jay long enough to find a proper reciever, preferably further down the feild.
the Panthers, though, have got themselves a solid TE.