Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a question

Not a lot of time this morning, so I have a question. Well, maybe two or three questions.

Even though, between ample polling data and my own personal observation, it's become increasingly clear that President Obama is not well-regarded these days, especially where job performance is concerned, it's considered a given that he will be a formidable candidate for reelection because he's such a great fund raiser. I've seen multiple reports that claim Obama's fundraising apparatus will deliver north of a billion dollars for his campaign.

Do you believe that? Who will provide the money? And what do you suppose Obama donors assume they will get for their money?


Brad Carlson said...

Do you believe that?

He raised about $750M when his star was brightest in 2007-08. I'm definitely skeptical. Now if Michele Bachmann gets the GOP nomination? That might make $1B more plausible for the Obama campaign, but still not likely.

Who will provide the money?

The usual Democrat donors: Unions, Pro-Choice groups, liberal PACs, etc.

In 2008, there was also several million which came from hundreds of thousand of individuals who gave $25-$50 a piece. However, with Obama's support dwidling amongst key voter demographics, he's not likely to see that kind of fundrasing this time around

And what do you suppose Obama donors assume they will get for their money?

The vapid talking point you're most likely to hear from his staunch supporters: He needs four more years to undo the mess of the previous administration.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

To be just a touch cynical, his campaign wasn't exactly careful last time about making sure donations were lawful. (Not to say that he didn't raise a huge chunk of change lawfully.)

What will it get? I expect to hear lies. Or rather, if I watched TV that is what I would expect to hear.

Bike Bubba said...

I'm thinking Obama will match his $200 million or more in donations that may have been from overseas and thus not "exactly lawful." That said, the UAW is going to have a little trouble matching their 2008 haul for Dear Leader, as they've got about 100,000 fewer members to fleece.

Last I heard, he was pulling about $3 million per major campaign event. That's good, but it's not what you need to get to a billion unless you're going to wear out Air Force One.

W.B. Picklesworth said...
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