Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shutdownpocalypse Day 12 -- Random Thoughts

Since absurdity is the order of the day, let's flip through a few things:
  • As is to be expected, the plight of state workers continues to be all over the news. We've given them a few shots 'round here recently, but one thing really ought to be said: if anything, the state workers who are now marooned on Planet Dayton are the biggest pawns of all in this game. It's long been an expectation among public servants and bureaucrats that they will have job security, if nothing else. That's been a tough thing for private sector workers to swallow, given how tough the overall job market has been for the past few years. Still, I suspect a modicum of sympathy is in order:  we all plan our lives based on certain assumptions and it's jarring when those assumptions are undermined. There are larger forces at work in this shutdown and while it's easy to think, "hey, welcome to the real world" when you consider the plight of these folks, they weren't really prepared for what was coming.
  • According to today's Star Tribune, Dayton is now willing to drop "tax the rich" and now wants to hike sin taxes and eliminate certain tax breaks. It's difficult to know if that's sincere or not, but it does prove one point: this shutdown is less about principles than it is about keeping the money machine alive. And in that sense, it's the same war as what has been happening in Wisconsin. It's just being fought differently here.
  • Meanwhile in Wisconsin, the first of the recall elections is today. One of the features of the recall elections is that there are "fake" Democrats running in primaries, including some guy who is running against Shelly Moore, the excitable Ellsworth teacher/WEA bot who wants to boot Sheila Harsdorf in the district immediately across the St. Croix. Since the entire purpose of the recall effort is to nullify elections that were duly held, I'd strongly recommend that all votes go to the "fake" candidates, and that would include "fake" Republicans running recall efforts against the "fleabagger" Democrats. The nonsense needs to end.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your empathy for state workers. Most state workers are diligent in their work and are simply carrying out the policy directives set for them by our elected representatives.
My dad had his own business and my uncle worked for the Federal government. My uncle had a steady income, predictable hours and a secure retirement with a guaranteed pension. My dad had good months/years and bad months/years, worked 10-12 hour days (and took half days to play golf, too) and had to put aside 15-20% of his income for the lean times and retirement. He also made roughly three times as much as my uncle. Now, twenty years later, government employees make as much as private sector employees do while still receiving the steady hours and secure (for now) pensions. When I hear people today wanting a gov't job for its security, I shudder to think of what the future will bring when everyone works for the goverment and no one feels the reward is worth the risk and long hours it takes to make a private business a success.

Anonymous said...

A bit of explanation, please, if you have it... What do you mean saying "fake" Democrats and "fake" Republicans? Are these "fakes" running against "real" Democrats and Republicans or are they running against "real" elected representatives of the opposite party? I thought the likely scenario here was to re-run the previous election so that the defeated Democrat got another bite at the apple to replace the elected Republican.?

J. Ewing

Brad Carlson said...

....while it's easy to think, "hey, welcome to the real world" when you consider the plight of these folks, they weren't really prepared for what was coming.

A fair point, as I've been quite vocal in pointing out that we in the private sector endure turbulent employment prospects pretty regularly.

But I would argue that we're all taught to prepare for life's unforeseen circumstances, at least from a financial standpoint. I know we're all strongly advised to prepare financially for anything which may impede our ability to earn an income. Most financial guys I talk to recommend some sort of supplemental financial reserves in addition to, say, ST & LT disability and life insurance. Unfortunately for the state workers, this situation obviously doesn't merit disability payments. Hence the supplemental reserves.

Mr. D said...


The fake Democrat running against Moore is actually a Republican. His presence on the ballot provides two possible benefits: a) if he beats Moore, he'll concede the general to the Republican Harsdorf; or b) if he loses, he forces Moore to campaign longer, which gives Harsdorf time to counteract the lies that Moore has been pumping over the airwaves.

I want the fakes to win outright because I view the recall effort as illegitimate; you shouldn't get do-overs on elections just because you're mad. Wisconsin needs time to breathe.

Gino said...

hold on a minute...
the unions have put these people into power and driven states to this economic brink, in no small part due to the bennies the unions demanded in exchange for their votes.

its no too much a stretch to say they've shat their own bed, and now they can lay in it.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand. Too bad all the fake Democrats lost.

J. Ewing

CousinDan 54915 said...

This is a tragedy.