Friday, June 15, 2012

Peace Prize Prez

Peggy Noonan, discussing the problem of national security leaks, makes a sensible point for the second week in a row:

There's something in the leaks that is a hallmark of the Obama White House. They always misunderstand the country they seek to spin, and they always think less of it than it deserves. Why do the president's appointees think the picture of him with a kill list in his hand makes him look good? He sits and personally decides who to kill? Americans don't think of their presidents like that. And they don't want to.

National security doesn't exist to help presidents win elections. It's not a plaything or a tool to advance one's prospects.
And she shares this anecdote:

After the killing of bin Laden, members of the administration, in a spirit of triumphalism, began giving briefings and interviews in which they said too much. One of the adults in the administration, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, reportedly went to Mr. Donilon's office. "I have a new strategic communications approach to recommend," he said. What? asked Mr. Donilon.

"Shut the [blank] up," Mr. Gates said.

Seems like good advice. Wonder how the folks on the Nobel committee are feeling right about now.


Night Writer said...

Death panels? Is a committee of one a death panel?

Gino said...

the Nobel Peace committe jumped the shark a while ago. this just proves it beyond reasonable doubt.