Friday, July 12, 2013


Yes, people who run businesses will change their behavior when government changes the rules:
Several Wegmans employees say the grocery chain is cutting health insurance benefits for its part-time employees, as a result of provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

Wegmans has previously been applauded for its health benefits, and has consistently made the list of Fortune magazine's list of the top companies to work for. Wegmans has been praised for voluntarily offering health insurance to part-time employees, The Buffalo News reported. By law, an employer is obligated to offer health insurance only to full-time employees who work 30 or more hours each week, or 130 hours each month.

Many Wegmans employees said the change in eligibility requirements was related to the Affordable Care Act, a controversial 2010 healthcare overhaul dubbed "Obamacare" that requires employers to provide "affordable" health insurance if they have more than 50 full-time workers. If they don't they could face thousands of dollars in hefty penalty fees, though the implementation of this provision was recently postponed until the end of 2015.
If you like your health care, you can keep it. Or maybe not.

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