Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When the flowchart doesn't flow

The National Journal notes what should have been evident from the get-go:
As far back as March, a top IT official at the Department of Health and Human Services said the department's current ambition for the law's new online insurance marketplaces was that they not be "a Third-World experience." Several provisions had already been abandoned in an effort to simplify the administration's task and maximize the chances that the new systems would be ready to go live in October, when customers are supposed to start signing up for insurance.
A "Third-World experience" might be preferable. Then again, what did you expect, really? If you want to understand why Obamacare is such a cluster, look at this cluster of a chart:

The National Journal also provided a punchline; wait for it
With admirable understatement, NJ also adds:
To get a sense of what the Obama administration is up against, take a look at this chart, provided by Dan Schuyler at Leavitt Partners, a consultancy helping states build exchanges. (Bear in mind, this chart is supposed to simplify and explain.)
Emphasis mine. Be sure to stop by the Federal Data Services HUB & APTC/CSR for a nosh.

About that HUB, allow me to share an anecdote: the Benster went in for a physical for Scout camp, which will take place later this month. I took him there and was amazed at the level of intrusiveness and the dozens of questions that he faced from both the nurse and the doctor at the clinic. The whole visit had a kind of white coated Stasi vibe to it. The gubmint is asking doctors to collect enormous amounts of information on patients these days. Given the cavalier way the government seems to handle this data, that HUB could be a real problem soon. There are commenters who argue it already is.


R.A. Crankbait said...

I've got some chronic issues with my knee that have escalated lately. A knee replacement is a potential option (I'll know more later this week). Typically they tell you to delay a replacement for as long as you can, and I'm certainly not in a hurry for major surgery. However, I know that if I decide to have surgery this year I'll be able to get it. If I put it off a couple more years, that may not be the case, given the experiences of folks in the U.K. and Canada for this type of procedure.

First Ringer said...

I didn't realize Rube Goldberg was an ObamaCare consultant.

Bike Bubba said...

You mean government types put together a process flow that looks like it belongs in that lowest ring of the Inferno?

Say it ain't so, Joe. :^)

RA, good luck. I've had a lot of friends more or less say "why didn't I get this done sooner?"

Of course, that was before Stryker and DePuy started thinking that metal on metal bearings would be immune to metal shavings.....all in all, I think you definitely want to get it done before the Health Insurance Deform Act is completely in force.

Chastity said...