Monday, August 14, 2006

Month of Ghosts Redux

It’s difficult to believe, but Mom died six years ago on this day. I’ve discussed my mom a fair amount in this space; she endured a lot and achieved more than she likely knew. She died following complications from a mastectomy, but it’s difficult to know how long she would have lasted, as she had developed emphysema and was essentially confined to a wheelchair the last year of her life.

I think she still felt she had a lot to live for. She had recently met her third grandchild, my nephew Joel, who was born one month before her passing. Six years on, she now has six grandchildren, as Will, Natalie and Eddie have joined our family. This next generation, including Ben and Maria, are generally blessed with healthy grandparents on the other side of their respective families, so at least the kids can share the wisdom and love these maternal grandparents will provide. Still, it’s a shame that only Ben remembers Mom. She had a lot to teach these children, but the lessons will have to come second-hand.

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