Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Shadow knows

So it happened - upstart limousine liberal candidate Ned Lamont, darling of the Kos crowd and standard bearer for the Howard Beale wing of the Democratic party, defeated Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut senate primary yesterday. Lamont will be the official Democratic candidate, while Lieberman will continue to run for re-election, this time as an independent. What to make of all this? A few thoughts:

  • While it would be uncharitable to argue that the official position of the Democratic party in re the Iraq War is now abject surrender, that's the case in Connecticut. I am still waiting to hear a coherent explanation of how surrendering will improve the US position in the world, but that seems to be what these folks are advocating. I don't think "cut and run" is actually a pejorative enough term for what is proposed here, by the way.
  • If Lieberman goes on to win the election, he has said he will continue to caucus with the Democrats. But I wonder about that - he is now persona non grata and other Democratic representatives will be duty and honor-bound to support Mr. Lamont. Can Lieberman really go back? And if he beats Lamont, will all be forgiven?
  • If Lamont really does win the general election, he will likely have a lot more visibility and power than the typical freshman senator. It would be interesting to see how he would use it.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? In the old radio show, it was Lamont Cranston, a/k/a the Shadow. In the next three months, the voters of Connecticut are going to be putting on their own show.

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