Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Panic time in Green Bay?

Well, that was discouraging. If you are a Packer fan, as I am, and saw the butt-kicking that the Cincinnati Bengals put on the Packers yesterday, you have to wonder about may things. The final score of the disaster was 48-17 and it's a fair representation of what happened out there. The Packers were crushed in about every way possible. The defense was shoddy, the offensive line was sieve-like and Brett Favre is starting to look like Johnny Unitas did when he played for the San Diego Chargers at the end of his career. A few observations:

  • Charles Woodson looks like a shadow of what he once was. T. J. Houshmanzadeh (or whatever the hell his name is) ran roughshod over Woodson and caught the ball all over the field. The Packers spent a lot of money on Woodson and it's hard to see any return on investment at this point.
  • Favre appears to be in same place he was last year; that is, trying to do everything. It's difficult to see who is going to run the ball this year and while Donald Driver is a fine receiver, there's not a lot of reason to believe that anyone else is going to be much help.
  • The overall level of athleticism seems way down. The team I saw last night reminded me of the Packer teams I used to see in the 70s; they tried hard, but they simply weren't as fast or strong as their opponents.

I'll always be loyal to my boys, but this is going to be a tough year.

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