Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What month is it again?

Regular readers of this feature are typically astute, and I’m reasonably certain that most everyone who finds this space realizes what month this is. But I’m not so sure that others do. Consider:

· The chattering classes apparently decided that this was Katrina Week. Not coincidentally, Spike Lee has a two part documentary on Hurricane Katrina airing on some pay cable channel or other, so we’ve been treated to a lot of blather and finger-pointing about last year’s BIG EVENT. It’s apparently important that certain aspects of the disaster (i.e., the role of the Federal Government) must be a consistent source of discussion. Interestingly, the hurricane season for 2006 has been something of a dud, especially for those who posit GLOBAL WARMING as a prime mover of HUGE CATASTROPHIC STORMS that will WIPE OUT HUMANITY AND DESTROY THE PLANET. The lack of climatological cooperation seems to be AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH to certain people.
· Cindy Sheehan is protesting in Crawford, Texas. It seems to have escaped notice, but President Bush has not been on an evil ONE MONTH VACATION down there this year. Kinda takes the air out of things for Sheehan, I guess.
· Bush has begun talking a little more about the HORRIBLE OPTIONAL WAR again. You know, the WAR THAT KILLS INNOCENTS and CAUSES TERRORISM TO SPREAD. THE WAR FOR OIL. THAT NEOCON WAR. That war. He has been inconveniently adding a little context to what’s happening. He actually used a term that’s been much in use in certain precincts – “Islamic Fascism.” He can’t do this of course, because that is PLAYING POLITICS and QUESTIONING THE PATRIOTISM of those who disagree with him. It is EVIL.

Just a guess – there might be more of this sort of thing in store. THAT EVIL KARL ROVE! WHY ISN’T HE IN JAIL? WHERE’S MY PAXIL?!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Spike Lee developed the Mars Blackman persona that made him famous after a chance encounter with Milwaukee's very own Michael "Freeway" McCarter? No real connections to the post, but still relevant because the Spike of today wouldn't exist without da shoes.

Mr. D said...

Nah... Freeway was much more interesting than Mars Blackmon.