Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Adventures with Spin and Marty

As I recall, there wasn’t a lot of gunplay on the old Mickey Mouse Club. But ‘round here, we got bullets.

  • San Diego is a tough room. My son Ben, apparently acting on his sources within the NFL, told me the day after the Chargers lost their playoff match against New England that Marty Schottenheimer was going to lose his job. Well, Ben is right again. Only three years after the Bolts were a 4-12 mess, and after an amazing 14-2 regular season, going with essentially a rookie quarterback, the Chargers ash-canned Schottenheimer yesterday. The stated reason is a dysfunctional relationship between Marty and the Chargers general manager. But I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to this franchise now. If 14-2 isn’t good enough, what is? And is there really anyone who can do better than that?
  • Barack Obama has been on the hustings for less than a week and he’s already stepped in it. He referred to the lives of 3,000 soldiers lost in Iraq as “wasted.” He backtracked almost immediately on this statement, but I suspect he meant it. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem the Democrats have – they are so invested in American defeat that they cannot avoid saying things that will make people cringe.
  • Do you believe public opinion polling? Consider this - there is a poll out, commissioned by the giant oldster lobby AARP, that lists people’s opinions of the greatest presidents. Bill Clinton comes out as number one, ahead of Reagan and JFK, and Abraham Lincoln finishes 4th, apparently. Reminds me of the poll that came out in 1991, where Packer fans selected Lindy Infante as the greatest coach in Packers history. A skillful pollster can demonstrate that 75% of Americans support gargling with bat guano as the best way to cure a sore throat. Try the minty fresh version, by the way - especially good.
  • Congratulations to Joe Mauer on his 4 year, $33M contract. Golly, do I wish I could hit major league pitching!
  • So I got a reminder e-mail today to sign the kids up for baseball. Nice of the solons at SAYB to give us two days off after basketball season.


Anonymous said...

At least they remind you about signing up. Many bergs simply have a date posted. If you forget the date, your kid is figuratively screwed, either being left out entirely or relegated to an expansion team of misfits with Barak Obama as their coach (someone who's in it for show, not substance).

Mr. D said...

True dat, anonymous. And a nice tie-in with Barack Obama. We'll find out - the kids are signed up. I'm hopeful that they won't end up on an expansion team of misfits.