Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be Prepared

Yesterday, we drove to western Wisconsin to pick Benster up from Tomahawk Boy Scout Camp. He came home with several new badges and segments that he had earned. Some of the badges and other skills that he has worked on over the years like how to tie knots, how to use a compass and how to do a proper flag ceremony have limited application in his daily life. On the flip side, many valuable lessons were learned last week but the lessons do not fulfill any of the requirements that are written in the Boy Scout Handbook.

A troop of boys can have fun together even when the oldest ones in the troop are seventeen years old and are looking forward to the end of high school and the youngest ones are eleven years old and are looking forward to the end of elementary school.

It is possible to survive without any electronic devices (cellphones, television and the Wii) for a week.

You can also survive without fast food for an entire week.

Sleeping in a tent for a week is not so bad.

A dad, cooking over a campfire with a dutch oven, can make a dinner that rivals Mom's home cooking.

Getting up at around 6:00 am and heading to the lake for a polar bear swim can be endured.

It's fun to do things that you don't do at home, like horseback riding, cooking hobo dinners and taking target practice.

If you don't succeed the first time at an activity, at least you tried and you'll have another chance to try again later.

Thunderstorm warnings are serious when you are sleeping in a tent.

Coming home to a Dairy Queen banana split, indoor plumbing, a real bed and voice mails from friends is wonderful.

Welcome home Benster!! We love you and missed you more than you will ever know.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Those are some good lessons to be learned.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the left wants to bury BSA. All that masculine activity cuts into the intro to the new urban man they've been preparing for our chillins.

Until there is a merit badge for "diversity", "empathy" and "tolerance", the BSA will remain radio-active to the left.

And, BTW...why do you hate your son, Mr. D?

Gino said...
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Gino said...

for Ben: what is a hobo dinner?

Benster said...

You cut some meat up and cut up some veggies, and cook it in some coals for 10-15 minutes then flip it and then eat it.

Benster said...

Forgot to say that you need to double wrap in tinfiol

Gino said...

i think the foil is an important item to leave out.


how'd they turn out?
what did you cook?