Saturday, July 24, 2010

Question for the audience

1) Do you use Twitter?
2) Do you find it useful?
3) Could I use it for avant-garde haiku?

Okay, that's 3 questions.


my name is Amanda said...

1. Yes
2. Absolutely. The trick is following quality people. I love (LOVE) getting my news from Twitter. (Not just one-liners, links to articles.) All in one place, on my phone. Also I follow bloggers I like, or Twitter personalities who are known to be interesting and/or funny.
3. Yes

Gino said...

what's a twitter?

Anonymous said...

3.Why would you want to?

K-Rod said...

Mr. D, don't twitter away your life.

Brad Carlson said...

1) Yep
2) Yep
3) Sure, why not?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've found that twitter is just choc-a-block, jam-packed with quality people.


Mr. D said...

A pfft from Swiftee is pretty close to probative.

my name is Amanda said...

Sure it is, if that's what you were waiting for.

That's why I said the word "trick."

Bike Bubba said...

Quality in 140 words or less? Works with Haiku, not so much with serious thoughts.

CousinDan 54915 said...

No more of Twitter,
The unfocused abound there,
Where does the time go?

my name is Amanda said...

The genius of Twitter is the surprising amount of information that can be conveyed in 140 characters. Doesn't mean people don't often tweet banalities, though.

There are actually a lot people who do use Twitter for haiku. ebertchicago loves retweeting those ones.