Friday, July 16, 2010

Lightning Round Sports Edition

A few very quick points:
  • It's becoming clear that the Twins need some more starting pitching. Other than Carl Pavano, there's really no one in the current starting rotation that you would trust. I'm not sure what the asking price is for someone like Roy Oswalt, but something needs to happen. It's hard to win games when your opponents are scoring 8 runs.
  • I have no idea what Timberwolves GM David Kahn is doing, but he surely does a lot of it.
  • Football season is almost here and it should be a lot of fun. On the local level, one of the most interesting questions is what is going to happen to the big, powerful high schools on the southwest edge of the Metro. Eden Prairie was essentially ousted from the Lake Conference and they are having a difficult time finding teams to play. They have to travel to Winnipeg this season to get games, mainly because other Minnesota schools aren't interested in getting their brains beat in. It will be interesting to see how the Minnesota High School League deals with this issue. They were able to find a home for Cretin-Derham Hall, so there's probably a solution available. But it's going to take a little arm twisting.


Night Writer said...

Re Eden Prarie, after Mark Dayton is elected he will step in and require EP to play 8-man football...but against 11-man teams.

(Heh. the word verification test for my comment is "reame").

Gino said...

eden prairie: sound like a situation here in the OC.
sanchez of the jets got to be who he was because he had the best recivers in a region known for football power talent, and the biggest OLs, and the quickext DLs to keep the ball in his hands.

their smallest starter was bigger than other schools biggest starter.

thats what happens when CIF allows districts to play loose with the transfers.

fix the system, to where it works the way it was intended, or these issues will continue... and its not fair to the kids in the other schools.