Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stones Like Gibraltar

This is astonishing (h/t to Cousin Dan):

"So this company is a great example of what American manufacturing can do in a way that nobody else in the world can do it," Obama told the assembled workers this afternoon at the Everett, Wash., Boeing plant.   "And the impact of your success, as I said, goes beyond the walls of this plant.  Every Dreamliner that rolls off the assembly line here in Everett supports thousands of jobs in different industries all across the country. Parts of the fuselage are manufactured in South Carolina and Kansas," Obama also noted before mentioning factories in other states.

So why is this astonishing? Well,

The NLRB tried to close that South Carolina plant, though, after union workers in Washington argued that Boeing had built the new factory in South Carolina -- which is a right to work state -- in retaliation against the Machinist Union strikes that had slowed production in Washington state. 
Oh yeah, that was it. So whatever happened with that?

The NLRB dropped the complaint in December after Boeing signed a new contract with the machinists.
That's what they call a "public/private partnership." Nice company you got there, Boeing. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

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