Thursday, February 09, 2012

Vikings to Duluth?

Well, why not?

State Sen. Roger Reinert introduced a proposal Thursday to move the Minnesota Vikings to Duluth by planting a new stadium on the site of an old U.S. Steel plant.

Reinert said the site is ready now, sparing state leaders from complex land issues that are dogging several potential downtown Minneapolis sites.

“Minnesotans already come to Duluth to recreate,” said Reinert, a Duluth DFLer. “Most importantly, we have a site, 500 acres, with buildable land around it.”
And since our various DFL legislators so love their choo-choo trains, our man Reinert even has that factored into the mix:

Reinert said a new passenger rail line will be operational by 2015, allowing Twin Cities residents to quickly get to Duluth for games and other events at a new stadium. He said the distance between Minneapolis and Duluth is the same as from Milwaukee to Green Bay, where the Packers have a successful franchise and a thriving stadium.
I have a better idea. Let's just cut out the middleman and all the land use worries and really leverage our love of trains. We should build the stadium on a series of rail cars. It can then be transported around the state and the Vikings can play home games anywhere they'd like. It could be in Arden Hills one game, Duluth the next, then Minneapolis and perhaps Crookston if they're feeling saucy.

I'd especially look forward to a potential game in New Brighton. There's a set of train tracks only a block from my house and for at least one week I could make some serious coin charging for parking spaces on my front lawn, just like they do it by the state fairgrounds. Why shouldn't I personally benefit from this economic bonanza?

Lest you think I'm being silly, riddle me this -- is this suggestion of a mobile stadium built on rail cars any more absurd than most of what we've heard up to this point? Think carefully before you answer.

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