Monday, February 17, 2014

Open Thread

Ugly commute ahead this morning, so not much time for blogging. Have at it!


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Confucius say, "Government is Bill Maher joke. Not too funny. Make you feel dirty."

Brad said...

USA hockey team is one step closer to the Gold Medal game! And it *never* gets old seeing Team USA beat Russia. :-)

Oh, and pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training!! Makes today's winter monstrosity somewhat palatable.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Heroin has been in the news of late, with PSH's death and a series of articles in the Strib. It reminds me of a poem the estimable Tiger Lilly wrote in 2012 about a relationship soured by the drug (the weird spacing at the end is deliberate):

Ashes and Poppies

You told me about the dragons again tonight, how they were
flying and twisting and glittering and perfect.
When I looked at the walls, cold and plaster, devoid of color or comfort,
I found I couldn't help but agree.

I waited outside before the storm tonight. The air was
soft and caring
gentle and caressing.
Breezes drifted by lazily, just before the sky cracked and plummeted to the ground,
shattering when it hit the salty asphalt.

Sometimes y
our dreams are too close to real
ity and we wake up together,
and enjoying a little peace.
And sometimes I find myself wishing it lasted a little longer.

I hoped that maybe when the rain evaporates and returns to the clouds,
your thoughts would sort themselves out
and we would breathe easier.

The dragons didn't return tonight, but sent the pixies in their place, to
flit about the room and light the old curtains on fire.
You said that it smelled like dust &
cigarette smoke &
the last of your medication.
We don't have curtains.

Sometimes I feel like I'm from the future, returned
to visit the past, allowed,
just for a little while,
to spend a few more moments with you-
but I've found that the present demands too much to dwell for long,
and while some may call it a gift,
I cannot see it as such and settle for bittersweet.

There was coolness in my breath tonight, a
soft edge to the air that told me the clouds wouldn't be long in leaving.
I left the window open, and maybe your blood will stir.


When you opened your eyes again, they were
clear &
aware &
understanding &
you said, "i l
In that moment, I k
new that we had used
up all my future w
ith you
and there was no future left for
both you and me.