Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We're hearing quite a bit about refugees from Syria at the moment. Were you aware of this refugee wave?
Nicaragua dispatched its military and police to help close its southern border in a dispute with Costa Rica over the passage of Cuban migrants on their way to the U.S.

Costa Rica’s decision on Saturday to grant seven-day transit visas to 1,200 Cuban migrants who entered the country through Panama “violated national sovereignty,” Nicaragua’s government said in a statement over the weekend. Nicaraguan troops and riot police fired tear gas at people attempting to enter on Sunday in what Costa Rica called a "humanitarian crisis."

Authorities re-opened the border Monday morning to tourists and merchants. Some 450 Cuban migrants were transferred to shelters in Costa Rica while the rest remained at the border checkpoint. Nicaragua’s ambassador to the United Nations, Maria Rubiales, said Monday that Costa Rica had violated the UN Charter and international law by not consulting Nicaragua over the passage of the migrants.
Wait -- why would we need to take on more Cubans? I thought we'd reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba and all that was better now. Weird.


Bike Bubba said...

Hey, it's not like Fidel emptied his prisons during the Mariel Boatlift or anything. No risk there.

Gino said...

I don't mind masses of Cubans as long as they keep them in Miami.