Monday, November 16, 2015

Lightning Round -- 111615

Haven't done one of these in a while. Shake down the thunder from the sky:

  • We may be on the verge of our own Ferguson. A man was shot by police early Sunday morning in North Minneapolis. That much we know. The actual sequence of events seems to be in dispute, as is the condition of the man in question. The response is not. “We’ve been saying for a long time that Minneapolis was one bullet away from Ferguson. Well, that bullet was fired last night,” said Jason Sole, an associate professor at Metropolitan State University and a member of the local NAACP chapter. That's the quote from the Star Tribune. I have no idea what really happened. I'm pretty sure Sole doesn't, either. It may not matter.
  • It's easy to make fun of the French, but it's never a good idea to mess with them, as ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is finding out. The French military dropped bombs on Raqqa, the city in Syria where ISIS maintains a stronghold. I would assume there will be more bombs coming. The French always, always act in their own interest, and they aren't hesitant to use force as they see fit. You doubt that? Ask Greepeace some time.
  • Are you an obscure local politician in Burnsville? Would you like to have fifteen minutes of fame that is fully wrapped in ridicule? Would you like to be denounced by every member of your own political party within shouting distance of a microphone? Well, here's how you do it.
  • So, apparently the reason Hillary Clinton has taken a metric ton of money from Wall Street fat cats is because of 9/11 or something. That's amusing. Fortunately for Clinton, not too many people were watching.
  • Another of the old time wrasslers is gone -- Wicked Nick Bockwinkel died the other day, at the age of 80. Not many of those guys left any more.

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