Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Must be the bread

So what happens when you force feed a crap sandwich? Well, this:
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the Michigan Democratic primary, according to the Associated Press, narrowly defeating Hillary Clinton in a stunning upset.

Clinton had been widely expected to win the Rust Belt state, having led Sanders by double digits in polls leading up to Tuesday's primary.

But the Sanders campaign deemed Michigan a “critical showdown,” and aggressively attacked Clinton for her policies on trade and her ties to Wall Street. Sanders is hoping his win in the delegate-heavy Midwestern state — second in delegates only to Texas so far — will show that his populist economic message can resonate elsewhere.
A few gentle reminders are in order:

  • Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate. She has all the institutional advantages, but she can't make the sale because her resume is actually a crap sandwich and people who study the matter find that out quickly. She's failed in just about every endeavor she's undertaken and has the personal warmth of Frau Blucher to boot. If her surname was anything other than Clinton, you would have never heard of her. Joe Biden has to be muttering to himself in the ol' Naval Observatory.
  • Bernie's "populist economic message" has always been popular, because those who rob Peter to pay Paul will always have Paul's support. In a place like Michigan, there are a whole lotta Pauls.
Meanwhile, it appears that Donald Trump's victory speech last night was half speech, half infomercial:

A host of Donald Trump-branded products, including Trump Steaks, Trump Water and Trump Wine, made cameo appearances at the businessman's victory speech Tuesday night in Jupiter, Florida.

Trump flaunted the products as a rebuttal to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who last week condemned Trump's presidential bid and criticized some of his failed business ventures.

Trump paraded his products one by one, touting them as testaments to his business acumen.

Must. Avoid. Kool-Aid. Joke.

What a comprehensively bad campaign this has turned out to be. It's astonishing, really.

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