Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Saint Combover

All in -- here's a screen grab from Drudge:

Love means never having to say you're sorry
A lot going on here, but we'll begin at the bottom. Note two things in particular: the scare quotes around the word battery, and the red herring reference to Huma Abedin.

One can argue the relative merits of the battery charge that was filed against Corey Lewandowski, The Donald's combative campaign manager, but the charge has been made. It's an inconvenient story for Trump; there's any number of sites with video of the incident if you'd like to learn to more, but it's tangential to the larger issue -- Trump's bizarre tendency to double down when something inconvenient happens. His response to the charges being filed was breathtakingly stupid:
Responding to a question about the bruises on her arm, a photo of which Fields tweeted out shortly after the incident (below), Trump expressed skepticism: “How do you know those bruises weren’t there before?” he demanded.
Trump's largest hurdle is how women perceive him and his behavior. This won't help. And, by the way, who cares what Huma Abedin did? In case you do, here's the link.

The more amusing part is the "you saved me" reference. Trump has been involved in the beauty pageant business and apparently has corresponded with Miss Wisconsin 2005, who apparently has an incurable illness. Very nice of him to do so, but it's not clear what that has to do with running the country.

There's a larger problem that this screen grab illustrates. And we'll get back to that next.


Brian said...

Just for fun I looked at that video of Ms Abedin. If that was assault I've committed assault dozens of times on crowded buses and trains, and in bars. That's a pretty desperate attempt at tu quoqe, even for a Trump apologist.

The wheels are (finally) coming off this thing, but possibly too late.

Does this mean the GOP is going to tinker with the primary and debate calendar in '20 to make it longer?

Mr. D said...

Just for fun I looked at that video of Ms Abedin. If that was assault I've committed assault dozens of times on crowded buses and trains, and in bars. That's a pretty desperate attempt at tu quoqe, even for a Trump apologist.

I thought so, too. Desperate is probably too charitable a characterization.

Does this mean the GOP is going to tinker with the primary and debate calendar in '20 to make it longer?

Man, I hope not. Of course, at this rate, the '20 campaign may have already started.

Bike Bubba said...

I'm with Brian. I remember committing such an "assault" when a young lady in college, having found out I was running competitively at the time, decided that she would see just how muscular my legs were at the time.

On the light side, shocking how friendly people are on the bus in Seattle and/or Durham! :^) Or maybe I simply haven't been on enough public transit at rush hour. It all sounds like real life "Another One Rides the Bus."

Chuckwagon Boy said...

Voldemort is stating to lose it. Whether it was during comments w/ Matt Lauer about the incident or saying that Rove, Axelrod and Plouffe pushed people too. Does VD have proof? Of course not, but what is evidence good for? Absolutely nothing! And Drudge has been very open in his support of DT so that does not surprise me.

Now there are conservative female reporters calling for Little Lewy to step down. DT does not want this distraction and you can tell it is frustrating the hell out of him.

Oh, and DT is now getting schlonged in WI.

Mr. D said...

A few guesses on why it's coming apart in Wisconsin:

• Wisconsinites have been immersed in politics for the last six years. While there is a lot of fatigue with the whole stinking parade of horribles, the shock and awe of crass political tactics doesn't work as well, because cheeseheads have seen it all
• Trump is intellectually lazy; Wisconsin people are well educated, so you can't get by with making intellectually lazy arguments
• You can argue about the effectiveness of Walker, Ryan and Priebus, but insulting them in their own sandbox is dumb
• Insulting the sandbox itself is even worse — Trump has slagged both the state itself and the people who live there
• It's an open primary, but there is an actual contest on the Democratic side, so there will be fewer Democrats participating than in other states. Bernie and Hillary people need to vote for their own candidates first.
• Trump's act is getting old

Gino said...

• Trump's act is getting old
i expected he would have moderated the act a bit by now, so i might have to change my predictions...

Chuckwagon Boy said...

#LittleDonnie, turn out the lights, the party's over. Even pro-life groups are coming after him.

He will lose WI and then have to find someone to blame. He is also getting testy with all of the media as he is starting to realize he does not know enough about policy and they are catching him on it. I wonder if he will have a robot starting calling in for him or his aides will have him wear a shock collar so they can zap him when he goes off message. But that would probably kill him as they would just hold the button down.

And 70% of women do not like him.

Chuckwagon Boy said...

And this is an interesting article I just found written by a professor of law @ U of Michigan Law School. I have never seen an interpretation of constitutional requirements for appointing a justice - especially the part of doing so with "the advice and consent of the Senate". It would not only be a nightmare, but chaos.

Chuckwagon Boy said...

I have the week off and I have been doing a lot of reading, so sorry for all of the posts, but I get excited by all of this political and soon to be very historical news. Here is an analysis by Nate Silver about the media's roll in making DT. I like the ending paragraph:

"Put another way, Trump has hacked the system and exposed the weaknesses in American political institutions. He’s uncovered profound flaws in the Republican Party. He’s demonstrated that third-rail issues like racism and nationalism can still be a potent political force. He’s exploited the media’s goodwill and taken advantage of the lack of trust the American public has in journalism. Trump may go away — he’s not yet assured of winning the GOP nomination, and he’ll be an underdog in November if he does — but the problems he’s exposed were years in the making, and they’ll take years to sort out."

Bike Bubba said...

I think the deal is that cheesehead conservatives have fought a long fight to extricate the state from a stranglehold by the far left, and they therefore recognize it when some clown is going to ruin a good thing.

(I can't completely go with "educated", since New York also is highly educated and they're polling strongly for the Combover...yes, it's his native state, but given that "bullshit" isn't even a cuss word there, stereotypically speaking, you'd expect them to recognize Drumpf as the same)