Thursday, March 03, 2016

No jamdown for you, yet

Before we forget, something to note and celebrate:
Minnesota child-care providers have overwhelmingly voted against unionizing, likely ending a debate that has been emotionally charged and politically divisive for a decade.

The fight pitted some child-care workers against others and sharply divided legislators along party lines when they passed a law in 2013 that would allow the vote to unionize.

By the time the votes were tallied Tuesday, the lopsided results dealt a decisive loss to labor: 1,014 "no" votes to 392 who favored unionization. Although there are about 10,000 licensed child-care providers in the state, only those who care for children receiving state subsidies were eligible to vote. That meant 2,348 providers were eligible when voting began Feb. 8.
One quibble -- if you think the debate ends here, you haven't been paying attention. The Left never stops coming and nothing is settled until the Left prevails. We'll be revisiting this matter. Bet on it.


R.A. Crankbait said...

The current law expires in 2017, and the head orc of SEIU has said they will bide their time "until then."

W.B. Picklesworth said...

This is the fundamental equation in a democratic society. Which means the death of tradition/conservatism. You just keep scheduling votes. And then you slowly win. It's why we should do away with democracy. And yes, I realize what I just did there. That's basically why I won't vote anymore. It's the only real way I can say, with integrity, "I don't believe in this."

Here's a thought for the Right: there can be no real gains by democratic means. The two are antithetical.

I've never considered it so starkly before.

By the way, I'm not suggesting insurrectionist violence. If anything is more wretched than a string of corrupt thieves and bullies like (insert the politicians you dislike) it is people actually DYING so that these wretches can live in luxury and even in some kind of moral halo.

David Brooks recently wrote an article which was recommended to me via several separate channels. His thesis was that we needed more politics.

If Plato could come back to life, get up to speed on American politics, and have a nice little getaway to consider his theory of forms.... he would come back and declare to the world that David Brooks is the perfect form of a horse's ass.

Bike Bubba said...

It strikes me that in this, and a huge number of areas, the GOP and conservatives have got to figure out how to get some of the NRA's mojo and roll things back.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Excuse me, I should have said, "the head orc of AFSCME," not SEIU. I have so much trouble telling them apart.

Also, David Brooks is the pet conservative of the East Coast media. As such he gets invited to great parties where they spike his Kool-Aid. I believe Chris Christie was the bartender at the last event.