Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Part Sixty-Two -- Mysterious Wild Things That Drive Fearless Maria Crazy and All She Wants to Do Is Stop Them

Fearless Maria is back for another round of Guilty Pleasures.

Greetings from Mars, Earthlings! Wait a second -- I'm an Earthling, too? I must have been hypnotized? Benster, were you playing with the hypnotizing machine again?

He's not here, Maria. He's downstairs watching a basketball game, which seems to be plenty hypnotic for him.

Well Dad, then I won't worry about him. Dad, I have many questions.

Musical questions?

I suppose, Dad. One question I have is this: did the music get any less weird around 1990?

Well, there's one way to find out. And that's look at some music.

Are you going to pick weird songs on purpose again, Dad? Are you trying to make me think that the real old songs you like are better than newer songs?

Well Maria, songs around 1990 are already 20 years old, so they aren't so new anymore.

Compared to all that ancient stuff you like Daddy-O, 20 years ago doesn't seem so long ago, even if I'm only 10 years old.

Well, here's a song that will drive you crazy:

That song drives me crazy, Dad! It looks like an anime version of President Obama playing leapfrog with guys wearing couch cushions! I know that's not President Obama, but that's really strange, Dad!

Actually the singer's name is Roland Gift and he's British. So I don't think he's even eligible to be President, Maria.

Well, maybe he wasn't so gifted, then!

Not nearly as gifted as you are, Fearless Maria.

Why thank you, but let's get on to another song before the world ends. I hear an asteroid is coming soon!

Really? Hmmm.

Hmmm is right. That was pretty weird, Dad! I'm not sure that 20 year old music is all that good. I really don't like rap, you know!

There was a lot of rap back then, sweetheart. But I know a few other songs.

Dad, why would people want to listen to that anyway? I find it very mysterious!

Funny you should mention mysterious, Maria....

That video is beyond mysterious, Dad! It's pretty freaky, really. It's like being inside a kaleidoscope! But why would I want to be inside a kaleidoscope anyway, Dad? All I want to do is have some fun!

What's that you said, Maria?

All I want to do is have some fun, Dad!

Dad, I do have a question.

What's that, Maria?

What do car washes and beer have to do with fun? I don't think I'd want a drunk person washing your car! And I definitely wouldn't want them driving!

That seems like good advice Maria. Maybe we should send a note to Sheryl Crow and recommend that she try something different.

I think we should, Dad, but it's been a pretty wild night looking at all these weird videos!

But there's one more, Maria.

On a wild night?

See all the stuff that lady had to watch in the back of her taxicab? That's why I don't want to have a car yet! But I really like the puppies! Hint hint!

I think we've heard that hint before, Maria.

Well, here's another hint: it's time to vote, people! Pick your favorite song and put it in the comments section! And don't be mysterious! That will drive me crazy, or it will make me go hmmm....


Gino said...
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Gino said...

i'll go with wild night.

and now i remember what was so bad about 1990.

beleive it when i say: U2 has been sucking for a over a generation now.
wow. talk about feeling old.

R.A. Crankbait said...

It's not the right area, but I was expecting a shout-out for Question Mark and the Mysterians with this theme!

I vote for the Fine Young Cannibals, though we perhaps should ask Mr. Gift for his birth certificate?

For awhile I liked All I Wanna Do, but it's now solidly in ear-worm territory.

my name is Amanda said...

I know every one of the lyrics for "All I Wanna Do." *sigh* Loved that CD.

But my vote is for "Mysterious Ways." Although like Gino, I don't particularly care for U2 anymore, that song still rocks.

K-Rod said...

Re: C + C
There was a bit of a flap about the woman in the video versus the actual woman behind the vocals.

My vote: Gonna make you sweat.