Friday, March 26, 2010

Lightning Round - 032610

Gotta go fast:

  • If this report in the Times of London is true, and I really hope it isn't, it says something truly awful about the Leader of the Free World. Actually, many things.
  • I've been trying to watch the NCAA men's basketball tournament in between everything else that's been going on and it's been great theater, as usual. Last night's game between Kansas State and Xavier, which K-State won in double overtime 101-96, was some kind of classic. My bracket is destroyed (heartfelt thanks to the University of Northern Iowa) but it's been a hoot. The Benster could win our office pool if his team (West Virginia) pulls it off, so go Mountaineers, I guess.
  • If you've suspected that the evil right-wing kook violence against members of Congress meme is overplayed, we now have conclusive evidence that it has jumped the shark entirely.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Netanyahu can take care of himself, but it's embarrassing that our president acts like this. He's so petty. Like that big talking in Iowa yesterday. What a small man.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Netanyahu got off easy. PBO could have made him shower with Rahm Emmanuel.

(And please, I DID NOT say that he could have sent him to the showers.)

Gino said...

i'm impressed. finally, obama has done the same thing i would have done.

my name is Amanda said...

I read the entire Times article, looking for something "truly awful," and came up short.

I have NOTHING to say about basketball. On the bright side, I don't disagree!

Since we're on the overlapping topic of how pro-Civil Rights Republicans are (in the Holy Boland) post, why don't I go ahead and address this last point?

The Seattle paper Instapundit links to has a much better article on the topic. (Not knowing which floor the office is on doesn't erase the intent.) And none of the other incidents documented appear to be as "fictional" as the Cincinnati one.

Denying that the actions of these hateful, extreme Conservative groups, including the Tea Partiers, are taking place, cripples the efforts of the non-racist, non-homophobic majority of your party.

Anonymous said...

How about the thugs from SEIU, Amanda, or the freaks that show up at any World Trade event. How about eco-terrorist or Greenpeace activists who cross the line. Lastly what is your opinion about the dozens of events where former president Bush was hung in effigy and threatened?

Come on Amanda, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I'd like to see you disavow all violence regardless of the cause. Or as I strongly suggest that in your world the end justifies the means. Here's your chance to go on record. State your case. Don't forget to check the template before you respond.

K-Rod said...

Gino, do you consider yourself a statesman or diplomat?

Gino said...

k-rod: neither would have me.

K-Rod said...

Like you said, you and The Obama have that in common. ;^)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Amanda, have you heard the term "media narrative" before. It's when the media tries to manipulate the public. Do you recall the media firestorm over violence in the Twin Cities during the Republican National Convention? No, I don't remember that either. Why is that Amanda?

I think you'll find that conservatives are happy to condemn violence and uncivil discourse. I condemn it! Do you? Or are you just one of those people who's selective about your outrage?

The faux tears over discourse in this country aren't fooling anyone because we just got finished with 8 years of unrelenting hatred. Your side reveled in it. You have zero credibility on this issue.