Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Quick break from the politics and the David Brooks bashing. Always gotta love the NCAA basketball tournament. I filled out my bracket and I have Kansas beating Kentucky in the finals. Our resident expert, Benster, picks West Virginia to beat Kansas State in the finals.

What's your pick? Only hint: don't go with Winthrop. The floor is open.


Mike said...

Depends on what bracket you're talking about...I did eight of them. But as I type this, Robert Morris is about to mess up most of them.

K-Rod said...

I have just 2 brackets this year:

Kansas over Kentucky

Syracuse over Villinova

Big upset:

Murray State #13 (31-4) 66
Vanderbilt #4 (24-9) 65

Mike said...

Thankfully, Villanova snuck out with a win.

I should note that I am not involved in eight office pools. Don't have that kind of money. I am in a couple of bragging rights-only pools, though.

That Murray State game was fun to watch. They had the lead for most of the game, Vandy came back and almost had it, then a buzzer-beater. Great game.

J. Peterson said...

I am glad that there is support out here for the Kansas Schools. I picked thee Ohio State to beat both of them on their way to a National Title over Kentucky after they get by Duke.