Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rae Hart Anderson Makes a Mix Tape

I'm glad that someone noticed all the work that I put into transcribing and detailing the callous and ghoulish views of Barb Goodwin, the DFL candidate for Senate District 50, as expressed in her interview with the "Atheists for Human Rights." It turns out that Rae Hart Anderson, the sore loser candidate that the SD50 Republican caucus soundly rejected back in March, and that the Constitution Party rejected later on, has boosted the transcript that I prepared and put it on Anderson's website.

Without attribution, of course.

Three quick thoughts:
  • Anderson makes quite a show of her Christian beliefs, but she seems to have no qualms about posting the work of others without attribution. Draw your own conclusions about whether she walks it like she talks it.
  • Having said that, I guess I don't mind if the 7-10 people who might actually visit Anderson's website prior to Nov. 2 find out the truth about Goodwin, because people need to know.
  • Fortunately, there is a candidate who is far superior to the egregious Goodwin and the slippery Anderson. Her name is Gina Bauman and she strongly, strongly deserves your support.


Gino said...

i would call them out, on their own site, for lack of attribution.

RealConservative said...

I went to RHA's site, created a login and posted the following:

"Goodwin is a terrible candidate, but the only reason she is even running is because the outgoing Senator Satveer Chaudhary was torpedoed by ethics problems. Unfortunately you seem to have quite a few yourself. It appears that you ripped off the transcript of the Goodwin video from another blog (Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood). Do you not believe in "Thou shalt not steal?".

You also seem to have a lot of signs in illegal placements and/or without the permission of the land owners. When I ask friends of mine how they could put up your sign or vote for such an obviously unqualified candidate as yourself I hear of all of the lies and misrepresntations you have made about yourself and of Ms. Bauman's campaign.

I'm beginning to wonder what else you have misrepresented.

Shame on you!"

It did appear right after I posted it but have no idea how long it will stay. I also tried to do some research on RHA and all of her credentials claims and have come up empty. I'm beginning to get the impression that this woman is a total fraud.

Mr. D said...

Real Conservative,

I think you've taken the measure of Ms. Anderson quite well. Thank you for making that post, although I suspect you are correct that it will disappear.

Best regards,

Mr. D

Gino said...

it has disappeared.