Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day

I will be voting today, but my focus is on down-ballot races. It's possible, even likely, that every candidate I will vote for in this election will lose. I do have some hope for Sue Jeffers winning a seat on the Ramsey County Board, but my guess is that she will fall short, too. I live in a blue district and it simply doesn't matter that the DFL is a pernicious organization filled with careerists and charlatans. My neighbors don't care and refuse to see an alternative, so we'll send another batch of them to St. Paul.

I've predicted that Hillary Clinton will win tonight, but I remain convinced her prize is a poisoned chalice. We've been whistling past the graveyard on any number of fronts and the endgame is coming -- we have unfunded liabilities in the trillions of dollars and the blue model of governance is unsustainable. Hillary isn't going to touch any of it. She's got her pile and she's conveniently identified the deplorables, who do not merit her attention.

I did not think Donald Trump would change the trajectory of our nation. Nothing he has said or done convinces me otherwise. His supporters are enthusiastic and they come out in large numbers to rallies, but he doesn't have the client base to match Hillary. And in the end, that will be the difference.

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Nathan Bissonette said...

I live near Como Park in St. Paul, a Blue district in a Blue city in a Blue state. My vote absolutely won't matter - the DFL will win every race from President to dog catcher and everybody knows it. The "non-partisan" races are simply Democrats who don't have to declare it. I don't care. I voted straight ticket Republican for the races I cared about and left blank the ones where I had no idea who was who (on the theory that if I'm not certain I'm going good, I should do no inadvertent harm).

All my candidates lost. Fine. I tried. When the economy collapses and my neighbors are standing around blaming Bush, I'll be shoving rounds into the Magpul saying "I told you so."