Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Spiritus Mundi

Go figure. I didn't think Donald Trump would win, but win he has, and likely with north of 300 electoral votes when all is said and done. We'll be picking at this one for a while, but here are my first, quick thoughts:

  • It appears turnout was down, which means the armies of Obama didn't come out to vote for Hillary. That appears to be the difference, especially in some of the states that broke for Trump.
  • Ace Commenter Gino has been saying the same thing all along -- the working class of this country has gotten bupkis for its support of the Democrats over the years. Some voted for Trump, others stayed home.
  • There's a pretty evident middle finger being pointed at both coasts and the elites that reside there. It looks like Clinton did carry Minnesota, but she almost lost here, too. Trump won Wisconsin pretty decisively and at this writing it appears he won Michigan and Pennsylvania as well.
  • Hillary Clinton is a uniquely bad candidate. She's never been able to fake compassion and her behavior in high office was a huge red flag. She richly deserves the defeat she has been dealt.
  • I'm delighted that Jason Lewis is going to Congress. He's a very smart and principled man who does a better job of explaining conservative thought than just about anyone I know. He'll be a great voice in Congress and I suspect he'll also be an effective one as well. And given the horrible mendacity of his opponent, Angie "HR Lady" Craig, it was an especially just result.
  • Rick Nolan barely survives, again. I thought he was a goner.
  • I'm thrilled that Ron Johnson prevailed in Wisconsin. He's a good man and Russ Feingold richly deserved to lose.
  • I think this electoral result is actually a blessing for the Dems, assuming they take the time to understand the verdict. The Clintons and their ilk need to be swept from American political life and a restoration of their graft and odious mores would have been a horrible result. The leadership of the Democratic Party is, in the main, a bunch of fugitives from Madam Tussaud's. The next generation of leadership from the port side needs to step forward now. Perhaps someone like newly-elected Tammy Duckworth might now emerge.
As we said, we'll have plenty more to discuss in the coming days. 


John said...

I certainly agree with your assessment of Ms. Clinton as a flawed candidate. It has been fun to watch Gino's posts.

Bike Bubba said...

O, Canada......

Gino said...

its good to finally be heard, instead of denigrated as some teeth-deficient, racist, xenophobe from the basket that Hillary said 'was not part of America'.
i'm glad i chose to vote this time. you can thank my best buddy Dave, a first generation mexican, who convinced me the most on account of what Comey did.

Bike Bubba said...

Gracias, Dave. Muy Bueno!