Friday, November 18, 2016


A true story in the service of a false narrative:
A small wooden placard with a message involving the Ku Klux Klan was found this week in a basement classroom of Irondale High School.

A school spokesman said the Post-It Note-sized wooden tile with the message "The KKK wants you!" was discovered by a handful of students who immediately reported it. The spokesman said the student responsible has been identified.

"We're dealing with the student appropriately," the spokesman said.
As most readers of this feature know, we have a pretty strong relationship with Irondale High School. One contributor to this feature is a graduate of Irondale, while the other is currently a student there. They also happen to be my kids.

This is the work of one, troubled kid, who has been suspended more than once for pulling stunts of this sort. There's no evidence that the kid is actually a Klan supporter. There are about 1500 kids at IHS; I would imagine the other 1499 would denounce the Klan. The only thing that's changed since Trump's election is that reporting on crap like this is a way to get an easy headline for KSTP. Anyone who has ever gone to high school knows that some kids like to do outrageous things to get attention. It's a universal experience. To pretend otherwise is ludicrous.

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Bike Bubba said...

One thing of note regarding "troubled kids" is that a lot of it seems to be fascination with the guy who can deliver a hearty "f*** you" to the powers that be. Hence there is a degree of fascination with the Klan, Schicklgruber, Che, and the like.

Kid seems to have a degree of talent at woodburning or something too. Maybe the art teacher can take him under his (her) wing and help him figure out a more productive way of expressing his teenage angst?