Sunday, November 06, 2016

Prediction time

Here's my map. Make your own here and share your totals in the comments:

Flip a state and it goes the other way
And after that, the FBI leaks like a sieve and we get our constitutional crisis. Still more fun than anyone ought to have, especially us.


Gino said...

i did a similar map off facebook. i gave everything close to Trump, and ended up with 322 for trump.

of course, there will be lawsuits over the voting. we should be fearing tat more than the campaign itself. ill go ahead and call that now.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I used my filter from the last election (optimism about American political wisdom is misplaced) and came up with Clinton winning 307-231.

Bike Bubba said...

I am still wondering if we will wake up on Wednesday to the news that the entire Drumpf campaign was a nasty practical joke orchestrated from Chappaqua. Wonder if there is any law that would punish that...not that it would matter if Hilliary is in the White House and her 34+ minions in the Senate are preventing her from being ousted.

Paul said...

Here is mine: Clinton wins 307 electoral votes, Trump 225 and Evan McMullin wins Utah's 6 electoral votes. 4 years ago I predicted every state right except for Florida which I had for Romney and went to Obama. This year I am not sure at all except for the normally solid red and blue.

I also think the Dems might get control of the Senate and the Repubs will keep the House. But, I am not sure on that either as it is just too screwy this year.

The only thing I am sure is #neverTrump.

Mr. D said...

McMullin isn't going to win Utah, Paul. The key is Florida. If Florida goes for Trump, all bets are off. If it doesn't, then it's game over. Either way, I still think the fun is just beginning.

Paul said...

Yes, it was a dark horse pick. And now we have President Trump! Thank you, Pennsylvania, Michigan and your home state of Wisconsin! I sure as hell hope we are ready for that!

Mr. D said...

I’m reading a lot of printed tantrums on the internet today. What I’d counsel my friends to consider is this — don’t simply assume that Trump supporters are knuckle-draggers. Instead, consider why Trump supporters chose him, and why so many of them are people who generally voted for Democrats in the past. Did the Democratic Party fail them? If so, how does the party remedy that failing?

By the way, I haven’t lived in Wisconsin in nearly 25 years, so I don’t have much to do with the electorate there. I would say this — the reason Trump won Wisconsin is different from the reason he won Michigan and Pennsylvania, even though some of the underlying economic issues are also present in Wisconsin. Trump won Wisconsin because Scott Walker is a hell of a politician and he’s built a political operation in the state that has won election after election there.