Thursday, June 09, 2011

A happy by-product of success

My friend and blogging colleague Brad Carlson now has a radio gig on AM1280 the Patriot on Saturday afternoons, from 3-4 p.m. Brad is a talented broadcaster and an engaging guy who has filled in for other shows on the Patriot over the years. While I'm very happy that Brad is getting a long-deserved opportunity on the airwaves, there's been an added bonus to this change -- he's blogging more often at his place. He's written two very fine pieces in recent days, concerning Andrew Breitbart and Amy Klobuchar. Hit the links and enjoy some fine writing and clear thinking.


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Brad Carlson said...

Appreciate the h/t, Mark! The NARN guys have always told me that blogging consistently is its own show prep. Therefore it behooves me to digest the week's news, opine on it via blogging and rehash those topics on the radio show. I was amazed last weekend that I could actually fly solo just by discussing the items I blogged on the week prior.