Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just sayin'

At this point I doubt I'd support Michele Bachmann for the presidency, but retailing the idea that she doesn't know the difference between John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy is ridiculous.

Just so we're clear on this -- Gacy apparently was from Waterloo, Iowa. John Wayne's parents lived in Waterloo, Iowa prior to Wayne's birth. It's not surprising that someone might have claimed John Wayne as a son of Waterloo at some point.

And just so we're clear on one other thing -- John Wayne became famous elsewhere, just as John Wayne Gacy became infamous elsewhere.

The campaign that is beginning way too soon is designed to determine should be the President of the United States, not who has the best chance of being the next champion on "Jeopardy!"


Gino said...

yeah, but the current holder of that office wouldnt do well on jeopardy, either, so its a very low bar to start with.

Bike Bubba said...

Gacy was BORN in Chicago, GREW UP in Chicago, and apart from a few years away (California and a couple of years in Waterloo)lived his entire LIFE in the Chicago area. Only about three of his 33 or so murders were in Waterloo.

(the worst you can say about Waterloo is that apparently it gave Gacy cover to start indulging his "other than peaceful heterosexual" impulses, being away from his ordinary peers)

It's as if the press can't even freakin' bother to visit wikipedia to learn about that guy. yeesh.

Anonymous said...

And if a woman is a conservative, particularly one who doesn't look like Jane Hathaway, she is going to relentlessly ripped as an airhead by the media. It happened to Palin, it's happened to others, and it will happen to Bachman. It's the ultimate hypocricy from the media and liberal left. This comes from the same school of thinking that all people of color who vote republican are Uncle Toms.

Night Writer said...

During our recent ramble through Iowa trying to find a route that wasn't underwater we passed a sign for Desoto, Iowa, proclaiming IT the birthplace of John Wayne.

The whole "gotcha" mis-speak game has grown tiresome. In this day and age of personal technology, every slip of the lip and brain fart can go global and neither side is immune. Do I really believe that Obama thinks there are 57 states? That Dan Quayle can't spell "potato"? That Joe Biden should brush his teeth with Tinactin? (Well, in Biden's case, I do think he's that stupid. The only time he said something smart it turned out he stole it from Neil Kinnock).

While everyone is susceptible to making a gaffe, when it occurs on the Left then the Right takes it for a chuckle and a couple of weeks of blog snark. When it happens on the Right, the Left turns it into a campaign platform.

Let's campaign on policies and prescriptions. Does anyone outside of Obama and the "smart" Ivy Leaguers in his cabinet really think QE 1 and 2 were effective and justify QE3? Where is their grasp on history?

Oh, never mind. Now I see why the Left has to focus on slips of the lip rather than holes in the ship.

First Ringer said...

If mastery of the trivial were qualification enough for the presidency, we'd all be ruled by IBM's Watson.