Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lightning Round - 060811

Not much time this morning:
  • It reached 103 in Minneapolis yesterday, which is the warmest temperature we've had since 1988. It appears that we may not get warmer than 65 on Friday. This is why Mark Twain said that everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. What can you do?
  • If you weren't sure before about the new ethical standard I suggested was in play, we have evidence:  according to CNN, Tim Walz has given away the $3000 he got from Anthony Weiner. And if you wonder why Tim Walz would have $3000 from Weiner, you're not the only one.
  • Meanwhile, how do the feminists deal with the meaning of Weiner? Stacy McCain offers an amusing look at the deep thoughts of Andrea Marcotte, one-time shill for John Edwards.
  • By the way, the Twins seem to be playing better lately. Not that it matters that much.

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